Best Places to Visit in Udaipur

 Udaipur is a beautiful city in the state of Rajasthan, formerly the capital of the Mahajara Empire. Once known as the City of Lakes, Udaipur is today a bustling metropolis with countless lakes, rivers, and manmade bodies of water. Once ruled by the great Maharana Jai Singh, Udaipur is home to numerous monuments and spectacular buildings. Lake Pichola and Lake Mawa are two of the most popular tourist attractions of this city. The Pink City has a large number of hotels in its periphery which provide luxurious accommodation.

Udaipur is best known for its best Places to Visit in Udaipur’s magnificent Lake Pichola and the majestic Lake Mawa. A visit to these tourist places is an unparalleled experience. Lake Pichola is the main freshwater body of Udaipur and home to numerous artificial islands and waterfalls. The lake is surrounded by grand villas and palaces belonging to the erstwhile Mughal kings. Lake Mawa is also a significant tourism destination, as it boasts of beautiful resorts and hotels.

The City Palace is one of the major attractions of Lake Pichola. It was built during the seventeenth century by the then ruler Ashoka the Great. It boasts of five commercial bungalows and residential apartments. The Palace has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is a significant attraction to travelers visiting Udaipur. Overlooking the scenic Lake Pichola and the hustling commercial areas of the region, the Palace offers a tranquilizing ambiance to its visitors.

Another attraction of Lake Pichola is the Lake Palace. This Palace is situated on a 90-acre estate on the outskirts of the city. It is constructed on the model of a seventeenth-century Mughal palace. A lush green lawn, trees surround it, and ornamental ponds are considered one of the most comfortable places to spend leisure time in Udaipur.

Taj Lake Palace is another famous monument in Udaipur. The white mausoleum is embellished with intricate carvings. The mausoleum was built over a century ago by Emperor Shah Jahan and thus possessed antique carvings of the Mughal period. The monument is located on a hilltop in the center of the city, and it is notable for Taj Mahal’s white jade carvings.

Another important landmark of Udaipur city is the City Palace. It is also one of the best places to visit in Udaipur as it is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city. The Palace is constructed on the model of a Mausoleum. The structure is surrounded by a lush green lawn and is surrounded by small ponds and lakes.

The city also boasts of various other attractions like Fateh Sagar Lake and the Chokhiya Temple. It is the home of some of the most potent royal dynasties in Indian history. To enjoy its royal architecture at its best time, the city has arranged for various Rajasthani cultural events. This is the perfect moment for you to step into the royal architecture and culture of Rajasthan with all its splendid beauty and charisma.

Besides the royal architecture and culture, you would also love to explore the various cultural arts practiced by the people of Rajasthan, including art, dance, and music. The Samode Museum and the Birla Temple are some of the major attractions of the city, which tell the story of a rich heritage of the state. Hence, when you step to Udaipur, make sure that you plan everything well to get the whole experience of this vibrant and magical city.

Another attraction that you would surely love to visit and explore on a visit to Udaipur is beautiful landscapes, colorful fairs and festivals, and exciting boating timings. As the capital of Rajasthan, you can’t miss the opportunity of exploring these captivating attractions. You can hire a boat ride at Chokhiya Lake, which will take you to an altogether different world.

However, if you are interested in experiencing a taste of traditional Rajasthani cuisine and cuisines, you can opt for a sunset boat ride on Dal Lake. The highlight of this excursion is the opportunity to witness the vibrant celebration of Durga Puja, along with a chance to sample authentic Rajasthani delicacies. On your way back from Rajasthan, make sure to spend at least one night on Dal Lake as the place offers a breathtaking view of the city and its surroundings. The entire region is a central tourist hub with numerous hotels and inns. There are various sightseeing options available to give you a thrilling experience in this delightful city.

The best places to visit in Udaipur are Jai Mahal, Lake Pichola, Albert Hall Museum, City Palace, Jagdish Temple, Shahpura Fort, Ranthambore Temple, etc. To get some fantastic photography tips, hire a professional photographer from any of the most reputable booking agencies in India, such as Sajjan Bhardwaj (SBI), Manish Malhotra (PMI), or Charu Majhej (Chicken Foot). Most of the top travel and tourism companies offer discounted packages for the exotic destinations they cover. If you are also planning a vacation in Rajasthan, make sure to avail yourself of the most attractive holiday packages from leading travel agents in India.

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